Gimme Gimme Harness Short Sleeve Tee

Gimme Gimme Harness Short Sleeve Tee

Black print on a soft white tee OR black and white on an army green tee.
Limited quantity available.

XS length 27 chest 31 - 34
S length 28 chest 34 - 37
M length 29 chest 38 - 41
L length 30 chest 42 - 45
XL length 31 chest 46 - 49
2XL length 32 chest 50 - 53
3XL length 33 chest 54 - 57
4XL length 34 chest 58-61
5XL length 35 chest 61-64

If none of these sizes accommodate you, please email me and I will find something that does.


If ordering items overseas and First Class via USPS doesn’t work for you, please email me so we can figure something out.

A portion of shop proceeds will be donated each quarter to an organization of my choosing, which will most likely be centered on helping marginalized folk such as, but not limited to : sex workers, trans youth, neurodivergents indigenous causes and abolishing the prison industrial complex.

Thank you for supporting.